16 year old Abdul was with his younger sister walking through the park let at night, he could hear the noise from the rave at a disused factory knowing it would be going on all night. Abdul saw 16 year old Steve come out stand near a tree and start to undo his jeans, he … Continue reading Seen


Well used

17 year old Steve was a member of a violent well feared street gang in East London, he was now lying on a hospital trolley after being hit over the head with a piece of wood, because of his racist comments he had been placed in a cold corridor on his own, he was tied … Continue reading Well used

The Airport

The plane was battling against the wind on it’s way to Bangladesh. On board the passengers were not happy, a British team of 16 year old footballers had been very abusive towards the Bengali passengers, the girlfriends of the boys had also been abusive, Cindy had hit Abdul accusing him and his two younger brothers … Continue reading The Airport