Principal and teacher

I’m a 16 year old high school student and have trouble concentrating in US history class because the teacher, miss James, is so beautiful that I can’t do anything but fantasize about having all kinds of sex with her.

One day I was admiring her ass when she was at the board. She turned and asked me a question and I was unable to answer as I hadn’t been paying attention to what she was saying.

“Johnny! I need you to stay after class!”

Oh man! Now I’m in for it!

I sat at my desk when the bell rang and she said, “sit there a minute while I see if the principal is available.”

Oh no! I’m going to the principal’s office! I’m screwed.

She called and the principal, Miss Sandberg, was available so we walked to the office. Her assistant showed us in and then closed the door as she left.

“Johnny, Miss James tells me you aren’t concentrating in class but you are a very capable student so there must be something distracting you. Can you tell me what that is?”

“Uh, well it’s kind of embarrassing.”

“I need to know if we are going to help you.”

“It’s just that Miss James is so hot that I can’t do anything but think about her!” I blurted out.

“Well I have a controversial solution to this problem but you both need to swear it won’t be known outside of this office.”

“Well if it helps Johnny I will agree to that.”

“Uh, yeahs I won’t tell anyone.”

“Good. Now Miss James, Johnny obviously thinks you are very attractive and fantasizes about seeing you naked. Is that right Johnny?”

“Yeah! Wow! I think about it all the time! But it will never happen.”

“Miss James, this will be considered a part of your continuing education. I am going to teach you how to deal with a student like Johnny who is a good kid but because of hormones that he can’t control he obsesses over fantasies of his very attractive teacher. Now Miss James, will you do everything I tell you to do?”

“Of course Principal Sandberg! I respect your experience and want to learn from you!”

“Good! Now I want you to stand in front of Johnny and disrobe.”

“What? I don’t think I can do that!”

“Miss James, you agreed to do as I say! You need to trust me.”

I was dumbfounded! Was she r rally going to make Miss James strip for me?

Miss James got up and stood before me and looking at the principal, started unbuttoning her blouse.

“Look at Johnny! He needs to see you looking at him!”

She turned her head and looked at me as she finished undoing her blouse. Then she let it fall to the floor.

“Now your skirt please!”

Miss James blushed but turned the skirt around and unhooked and unzipped it and let it join her blouse on the floor.

Oh my god! She was standing right in front of me in only her bra and panties! She was beautiful! Her tits were bulging around the bra cups and I could see some pubic hair curling out from her panties. I was hard as a rock already.

“See Miss James? He really likes what he sees!l she chuckled.

“Now take off your bra and show him those fantastic tits!”

I gulped as she reached behind her and unhooked her bara and shrugged her shoulders to let it fall from her tits! Oh man! They were awesome! Big and round and sagging slightly from their weight and capped with pink nipples that were standing out erect.

Without prompting she slid her panties down and stepped out of them. I leaned in closer to gaze at her hair covered pussy. Her hair was as dark as on her head and very dense. My cock throbbed as I took in her nude body.

“I think Johnny really likes your body from the bulge in his jeans! Why don’t you help him out and take it out for him?”

“Miss James looked at her boss and then turned back and knelt in front of me. I trembled and so did she as she unzipped my jeans and the unbuttoned them. I lifted my hips and she pulled them down along with my jockeys. My cock sprang up and bounced as she gasped at the size.

“Oh god! He’s bigger than my husband!”

“He is quite large, isn’t he? I think you should give it a kiss don’t you?”

Miss James leaned in and licked my cock from the bottom to the top, making it twitch in pleasure! I had never felt anything so intense and I moaned as she continued to lick all over it.”

“Take him in your mouth now!”

She opened her mouth and took my cock in. Miss Sandberg was breathing heavily as she watched. I looked at her and she had a lusty look on her face as she lifted her skirt and displayed her naked pussy, shaved bare and glistening with cunt juice!

“Oh god! Sit on his cock before I do! He’s so fucking big and hard!”

“Oh yes!! I want it!! I want your cock in my cunt Johnny!! Oh god forgive me but I have to have it!!”

She jumped up and straddled my loins as she let herself down and guided my cock into her cunt. It was like silk as she settled down on my sgphaft until she was sitting on my cock buried deep inside her.

“Ohhhhh godddddamn!!! He’s big! Oh god!”

I was in heaven as she started using her legs to move up and down on my cock. Her cunt was slippery and tight as she fucked me!

The principal started ripping her clothes off as she watched us fuck.

“Oh god Miss James! Get off him! I need to have him fuck me!”

She sat in her chair and turned it so I could kneel on the floor and shove my cock into her waiting, seeping cunt! She was looser than Miss James but I didn’t care! I was fucking the principal!

“Oh yessss!!, fuck me Johnny! Oh god your big!”

I watched my cock go in and out in her cunt! We were making slushing sounds as we rutted against each other!

“Oh god Miss Sandberg! Your cunt is so hot! I love your cunt!”

“Oh god!!! I’m cumming Johnny!! Cumming on your cock!!”

I couldn’t hold back as I started filling her with my sperm!

“I’m cumming in you Miss Sandberg!! In your cunt!!”

I emptied myself in her and the pulled out. My cock was still hard so I turned and shoved it back I miss James’ cunt.

“Oh Johnny! Fuck me! Fuck your teacher!!”

I fucked her until we both came.

We cleaned up after that and Miss Sandberg again swore us to secrecy.

“I hope you can pay attention to the subject in class Johnny! If you do then we can have regular teaching sessions like this.

“Oh yeah! I really will!”

“And I hope you have learned a little about how to get the attention of a student!l

“Oh yes! I have!” Miss James gushed.