Show Off

Asif was sitting on the train that was taking him home, the only other person in the carriage that he was in was sixteen year old Cindy who was four years older than what Asif was, Cindy was a known trouble maker who caused a load of trouble, Asif sat quietly in his seat so as not to give Cindy reason to hit him, Asif was not liked and nobody believed anything that he said because he often made things up and added bits on to what was said, Asif looked at Cindy and saw that the top buttons on her blouse were undone he could see Cindy’s blue blouse that covered her ample boobs and smiled, Cindy saw him looking at her and knew what he was looking at but was not bothered, Cindy was sitting at one end of the carriage opposite Asif who was at the end and as she could clearly see him she knew he could see her,  Cindy stood up Asif thought she was going to come and hit him but when she started to undo the rest of the buttons on her blouse he relaxed and when Cindy had undone all the buttons on her blouse she took it off then after dropping her blouse on the seat behind her unclipped her bra and took it off letting her ample boobs fall into view, Asif stared hard at Cindy’s boobs the first white boobs he had seen, he watched as Cindy kicked her shoes off then unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor, Cindy was not wearing panties, Asif stared hard at the naked white girl hardly believing what he was seeing, Cindy walked down the carriage and stood right in front of Asif who was staring at her hairless love tube, Cindy sat astride Asif’s legs and said to him ” I bet you would never thought that you would see me naked did you” Asif uttered ” no” Cindy smiled and said to him go on have a feel, Asif slowly reach out and gently touched Cindy’s boobs, Cindy told him go on play with them, Asif started to rub the older white girls boobs and squeeze her nipples like he had seen his brother do to his girlfriend when he spies on them having sex, Cindy stood up, Asif saw her nipples were erect and thought cool, Cindy bent forward and undid Asif’s trousers and pulled then down looking at his four inch erect dick when he sprung into view and when she knelt down and started to suck his dick Asif thought wow, Asif sat where he was enjoying have a much older girl suck on his dick and after a couple of minutes Cindy felt Asif’s dick twitch in her mouth and knew he had a reached a dry climax, Cindy stood up looked at Asif who had a big broad smile on his face and asked him if he was happy and when Asif told her that he was very happy Cindy walked back to her seat with Asif looking at her cute naked bum, Cindy got dressed and at the next station got off and started to walk home knowing that if Asif told anybody what had happened they would not believe him. and that her secret of her love for younger boys was safe.