The Bridesmaid

Sara was excited her cousin had chosen her to be one of her bridesmaids at her wedding and now Sara was with her mum going to have a fitting of the bridesmaid dress, everybody was surprised that Sara had been chosen as a bridesmaid as she was from the poorer side of the family and known for being uncouth and very loud mouthed, Sara’s cousin June who at eighteen was four years older than was Sara was came from the rich side of the family but many thought she was to young to get married and disapproved of the fact she was marrying Steve a seventeen year old builders merchants son. Sara stood with her mum outside the wedding dress shop waiting for June, Sara could see the shop was closed but knew they were having a special fitting and that Palash the shop owners sixteen year old son was doing the fitting, Sara’s mum suddenly said here she is, Sara looked up the street and saw the blue rolls Royce heading towards them, when the car stopped June stepped out it and greeted Sara and her mum, after a little chat with Sara’s mum June told her that she would drop Sara off at home the next day, Sara’s mum left June rang the shop door bell and Palash who Sara knew from being two years above her at school opened the door letting the pair in as he did he said ” welcome I been looking forward to this day” June lead Sara into a back room saying this is where we have the fittings done as she went, once inside the fitting room June smiled said ” come on take your clothes off, and started to undress, Sara looked at her cousin who was undressing and was surprised she was doing so in front of the Bengali boy and when June took her jumper off revealing her naked boobs Sara could not believe what she was seeing and after a couple minutes Sara saw June stood naked, Palash stepped forward and started to measure June who looked at Sara and said ” come on undress” Sara hesitated but when June said to her ” come on don’t be a prude or do I need to get somebody else” Sara started to undress and after a couple of minutes was standing naked, June then said to Palash ” come on you know the terms of the contract” Sara watched Palash as he undressed and when he was naked Sara saw that he had an eight inch erection, Palash started to measure Junes legs, Sara saw him rub his hands over Junes bum as he did he said ” the flab is going but still needs some work” Palash stood went to Sara and started to measure her as he did he ran his hands over her backside and said ” a bit of flab” Palash then measured Sara’s boobs and after cupped them in his hands and said ” yes very firm but will need work” Sara was in a bit of a daze but went with Palash to the couch and when he told her to do so she lay on it, June said to Sara all part of the service just relax and enjoy” Palash started to massage Sara’s legs slowly moving upwards onto her stomach then onto her boobs massaging them gently and slowly and after a few minutes he noticed that Sara had erect nipples, Palash moved back down Sara’s body and Started to rub her love tube, Sara had not experienced anything like it before and was really enjoying it and when Palash slid a finger into her love tube he found it wet and Sara did not resist, Palash removed his fingers and eased Sara further down the couch so that her legs were over hanging the edge then moved and after parting Sara’s legs moved closer and slid his solid erection into her love tube, as Sara felt the dick slide up her she gasped but lay still and soon after he started to thrust in and out of Sara’s love tube Palash could hear Sara groaning and increased his speed after a few minutes Sara cried out ” yes oh yes” as she did Palash felt her cum but he carried on thrusting away and Sara carried on groaning and after ten minutes Palash felt Sara cum a second time and not long after was squirting his own cum onto the floor. Sara lay where she was thinking I just been fucked by a Bengali boy two years older than me, June nudged Sara and said ” come on get dressed the car will be here soon” Sara got dressed but could not find her bra and panties and so as not to keep the car waiting did not bother making a fuss. At the hotel Sara saw Martin who was two years older than her from her school he was working as a room service boy, in the room Sara sat in one of the plush chairs, June told Sara she was going for a shower undressed and went in the bath room as she opened the door Sara saw Steve under the shower and saw his seven inch dick hanging down and smiled thinking now I know why she is marrying him, June did not close the door fully and when she started snogging with Steve Sara thought a live porno show and after a few minutes she saw that Steve had a full nine inch erection and watched open mouthed as he slid it inside June’s love tube and started to thrust in and out, Sara heard somebody knock the door and when June shouted answer that it’s the food Sara went to the door opened it and saw Martin stood there with a tray in each hand, Sara stood back letting Martin in and followed him to the dining area from where she could still Steve pounding away into June, Sara saw Martin look at the pair then carry on laying the table, Sara stood watching her cousin with her boyfriend liking what she was seeing then felt Martin slide his hands under her tee shirt and start to massage her boobs then lift her tee shirt up over her head and off before turning her bending his head and start to lick and suck her nipples the unclip her skirt letting it drop to the floor, Sara realised that she was naked again and let Martin guide her back to a bed lay her on it and undo his trousers when he had them open Sara saw his seven inch solid dick appear and was soon groaning as Martin thrust in and out of her love tube as Sara rolled her head she saw Mark and Gary also from her school stood either side of the bed both had their solid dicks out and after half a hour both Gary and Mark were adjusting their clothes after having enjoyed Sara after Martin had finished, Sara lay exhausted having cum seven times and soon fell asleep, Steve and June sat on the bed either side of the sleeping Sara gently massaging one of her boobs each June said ” she looks cute naked” as she slid a hand down to the sleeping Sara’s love tube and started to rub. The following day Sara was sitting in her room at home thinking I been well fucked by four sixteen year old boys all two years older than me and made to cum loads of times all in one day. Steve and June were watching as Martin gently slid his dick up Sara’s naked sister Amy who was two years younger than her while Palash thrust in and out of Sara’s class mate Mary’s love tube, June said ” it is going to be a very interesting wedding night. Steve said ” yeah I cant wait to fuck Sara and Mary”