The Castle

The castle had stood in the country side of France for hundreds of years and the nearest town to the castle was thirty miles away, there was a lot of history surrounding the castle during the world war it had been used as a prisoner of war camp after the war it was used as a hospital and after the hospital closed a multi billionaire brought the castle and restored it to it’s former glory, the castle was now one of the top tourist attractions with hundreds of tourists visiting it each year, tunnels that were dug by prisoners during the war for escape purposes were still there but not open to the public, part of the castle was turned into a hotel and a group of school students from England were due to stay there for a few days and the owners sixteen year old son Kevin his sister  Sara who was four years younger that what he was her older brother Mark who was two years older than Sara were at the castle when the English students arrived. After finding their rooms and unpacking the students had a look round the castle finding it very interesting, after dinner on the first night the students went to bed early each of them sleeping in single rooms, Sara and Mark were in the tunnels ready for a night of fun they knew the food and drink the students had had been well laced with drugs to make the students horny and sleepy, Mark and Sara prepared for their night of fun by stripping naked, Sara looked at Mark’s seven inch erection and said ” I see your ready for fun” Mark replied by saying ” yeah I took extra Viagra there are some good looking girls there especially the blonde one with a pony tail, the pair started moving along the tunnel looking through the spy holes that had been drilled in the walls, Mark stopped outside the room that that sixteen year old Cindy was in and looked through the spyhole and thought found her first go and watched as Cindy started to undress and when she took her bra off letting her ample boobs fall free Mark thought oh yes what beautiful tits and after a couple of more minutes was admiring Cindy’s hairless love tube as she stood naked totally unaware that she was being spied on by a boy two years younger than what she was, when Cindy got into her bed with out putting a nightie on Mark thought yes this will be easy, Sara was spying on Steve who at seventeen years of age was the eldest student on the trip, Sara was admiring Steve’s muscular naked body and thought that his nine inch erection was the biggest she had ever seen and when like Cindy Steve got into bed naked Sara thought cool, after five minutes when she could see that Steve was asleep Sara slowly opened the secret hatch to Steve’s room the slowly went into the room and after checking that Steve was asleep pulled the duvet back and took hold of the sleeping boy’s still very erect dick and started to stroke it enjoying the stiffness and warmth of the dick, after a couple of minutes Sara stopped stroking the dick and started to suck it loving every minute of it and after five minutes when Steve squirted his cum into Sara’s waiting and willing mouth she swallowed it all and after replacing the duvet left the room closing the hatch behind her having enjoyed what she knew would be the first of many dicks, as she went back into the tunnel Sara saw Mark just as he was going through the hatch into Cindy’s room and thought enjoy yourself boy because I am, Mark went over to Cindy’s bed and pulled the duvet back and wasted no time in starting to massage her boobs and sucking her nipples and after a few minutes started to rub her love tube then after a couple of minutes he inserted two fingers into her love tube and was not surprised when he found it was wet after a few minutes Mark removed his fingers and pushed Cindy’s legs apart then after climbing onto the bed and getting between Cindy’s leg he inserted his dick into her love tube and started to thrust in and out knowing that Cindy would not wake up, Mark continued thrusting in and out of Cindy’s love tube and after ten minutes felt her cum and shorty after he pulled his dick from her love tube and squirted his cum over her body and after a few minutes Mark cleaned Cindy’s body and after replacing the duvet cover left the room closing the hatch behind him, Sara was now stood in Simon’s room admiring his six inch dick which was solid, Sara climbed onto the bed and held Simon’s dick up straight then after getting astride his thighs gently lowered her self down feeling Simon’s dick slide into her love tube as she did after waiting a short while Sara started to bounce up and down on the sleeping boy’s dick and after ten minutes reached a climax, Sara sat where she was for a few minutes before easing off Simon’s dick then after covering him with the duvet cover left the room as she closed the hatch she saw Mark coming towards her and after exchanging tales of their exploits the pair dressed and left the tunnel.  At breakfast the following morning old Tom the castle’s historian and guide was telling all that were gathered all about the history of the castle including tales of prisoners of war who had died while being held captive in the castle and their ghosts were often seen roaming round the castle at night and how people had felt their hair being ruffled, Cindy thought yeah it is not just their hair they ruffle they do other things as well that I know but I am not going to telling anyone that I have fucked by a ghost I will keep it quiet.