The Control

The small English country town was a well known trouble hot spot. Crime was very high, the town had the highest crime figures for anywhere in the whole of the country with violent related crimes being the highest, the teenagers of the town were the mail culprits of crime, law and order had broken down in the town and the town council could not get back control no matter how hard they tried, people who did not live in the town had stopped visiting the town because they feared if they did they would be robbed and beaten up. The town council tried to introduce a curfew that prevented any person between the ages of sixteen and twenty from being on the streets between sic o clock at night and eight o clock in the morning, the council were confident that this would solve the crime problems and get the town back to normal, on the first night of the curfew the town hall was burnt to the ground during curfew hours and a big party was held in the local park attended by the local teenagers. The council turned to the government for help begging them for help. After many meetings to discuss the problem the government came up with a new idea, the curfew was to remain in place but all young people between the ages of sixteen and twenty years were not allowed to wear clothes during curfew and any parent or guardian not enforcing the law would be jailed, this was past and made into law. On the first night of the new law coming into force many adults were scared by the thought of going to prison so they made sure the youngsters obeyed the curfew rules. Twelve year old Mark arrived home from the youth club a hour after the start of the curfew and as he walked into the house where he lived he saw his sixteen year old step sister Amy who was a bully sat naked, Mark smiled at the sight of Amy’s naked large boobs and shaved love tube, Amy told him to piss off, Mark went to his room happy at what he had seen, as fourteen year old Sara walked up her garden path she saw her neighbour Colin who was sixteen standing in his kitchen naked his seven inch dick on full view, all over town many youngsters were very happy at seeing the naked older teenagers and admiring their bodies after a week of the new curfew being in place there were many happy young people, It was six in the morning and Colin woke up and as normal had a morning erection he knew that his parents were away for a few days but his aunt and ten year old cousin Sally were in the house but he knew as they never got up till midday he would be quite safe and got out of bed and walked through to the kitchen with his nine inch solid erection pointing up like a mini flagpole, Sara was sitting in her garden using her phone and saw Steve, she said into her phone ” fucking hell Colin has got a big hard on I can see it” Sara sat watching Colin as he moved about the kitchen and when after a few minutes Colin took his dick in hand and started to stroke it Sara said ” hurry up he is wanking” Sara’s twelve year old friend was running down the road to her friend hoping that she was not going to miss the show and arrived on time at Sara’s in time to watch as Colin stroked his dick and like Sara did smiled when Steve squirted his cum in long spurts, Sally was stood near the kitchen door watching in silence as her older cousin stroked his dick and was happy that she had needed to get up and have a wee and when he squirted his cum realised that she had just watched her first boy wank and squirt cum, Sally walked back into the darkness of the hallway, Colin was totally that three girls had just watched him jerk off. After a month the curfew was suspended, there was no more trouble in the town and law was reinstated with many youngsters remembering the curfew while some were very happy but others were highly embarrassed.