The Music Festival

Many residents of the English town had spent ages protesting against the music festival that was due to be held in a field just out side of town and just like in previous years the festival was due to last for three days, most residents seemed happy for the festival to go ahead, it brought extra money into the town and some who were unemployed got a job for a few days and earned a bit of money, those who were objecting to the festival were just leaving the council offices and were feeling very disappointed that the council were allowing the festival to go ahead as planned, there were soon many trucks going into the field with equipment on board them and after a week the site was fully constructed then festival goers started to arrive and soon a large camp site was in full use, then on the given day the festival began, after a few hours the festival was in full swing with plenty of booze and drugs being used, there were girls who decided to try crowd surfing seventeen year old Sue was one of those that was crowd surfing and soon felt her jeans being pulled and despite her best efforts to stop it from happening Sue’s jeans were right down round her lower legs and soon  after were right off, she then felt her hoody being pulled off allowing her ample naked boobs to fall free which were soon being groped and soon her panties were gone and her love tube being rubbed as she was passed backwards and forwards, as she struggled to be put down she saw her sister Cindy who was three years younger that what she was Sue saw that just like her Cindy was also naked and being well groped,, sixteen year Sara was staggering towards the town having been at the festival for five hours where she drank a lot of cheap cider and smoked a lot of cannabis and was struggling to move, as she staggered through the field next to the festival site she caught her foot on something and fell  Sara struggled to get up but was to weak to do so and lay where she was looking up at the sky when she saw Steve who was two years younger than her and a hated flasher and peeping tom looking down at her, Sara was one of those who hated Steve and had beat him up a few times, Sara tried to get up but could not, Steve saw her struggle and realised she could not get up, Steve undid his trousers and pulled his eight inch erection out then sat astride Sara’s hips and said ” can I have a look at your tits” Sara groaned Steve pushed his hands under Sara’s top and smiled when he found she was not wearing a bra Steve removed his hands and pushed Sara’s top right up exposing her ample naked boobs and said ” nice tits” and started to rub them then said”  can I fuck you” and started to undo her jeans Sara tried to move but still could not and felt her jeans and panties slide down and off her body and her legs being pushed apart and saw Steve kneel between them and bed forward then felt his dick slide into her love tube and felt him start to thrust in and out pushing in as could go and after ten minutes was surprised when he felt Sara cum but carried on thrusting in and out of her love tube and noticed her nipples were very erect and after awhile felt Sara cum a second time but continued with his thrusting knowing the Viagra he had taken would last a long time , Cindy had now managed to get to the ground and was pushing her way through the heavy crowd many who were groping her, Cindy managed to get away from the festival site and started to cut across the field going home but stopped when she saw Steve thrusting in and out of Sara’s love tube and watched, Steve felt Sara cum for the third time, Steve looked round and when he saw a naked Cindy rubbing her love tube he smiled and pulled his dick from Sara’s love tube and stood up, Cindy was one of the few girls in the area who had never seen Steve’s dick and smiled, Steve went over to her and started to massage her firm boobs then after lowering her to the ground slid his erection into her love tube and started thrusting in and out making her cum three times before he pulled out of her love tube and squirted his cum over the ground. Three days later the music festival had cleared up and left, Steve was stood by the swings in the local park Sucking Sara’s very erect nipples as Cindy sucked on his dick and when Steve squirted his cum into Cindy’s mouth she swallowed it all, a few minutes after Steve was walking away from the girls, Sara said “glad I went to that festival or I would never of found out just how good he is at fucking” Cindy agreed that he was good and started walking home looking forward to the following evening when she would have Steve to herself and could hardly wait to get serviced by Steve.