The Paper Round

It was six o clock in the morning as Palash was folding the morning papers and putting them into his bag ready to go out and deliver them as he done every morning for the last year, Palash was the son of the Bengali owner of the paper shop he was stood in, as he worked Palash looked at his sister Pao who at sixteen was two years older than what he was as he looked at her Palash wondered why she never delivered the papers and thought she is to lazy, Palash heard the door open looked and saw sixteen year Tina enter the shop, Palash knew Tina lived  in the block of flats next door to the shop and was the girlfriend of sixteen year old Steve both were well known mouthy racist and violent members of a street gang that was well feared, Tina went to the counter where it was lighter as she did Palash got a better view of her and saw she was wearing a dressing gown, Palash left the shop with his bag over his shoulder and started to deliver the papers as he walked along the first floor landing Palash saw the three youths from a rival gang to Tina’s, Palash knew the boys they were in his class at school, he then saw Tina walking towards where the boys were and as she got level with them one grabbed her blonde pony tail and dragged her behind the large dust bins, Palash watched as the boys ripped her dressing gown off and smiled at the sight of Tina in just her panties and bra and when her bra was ripped off freeing her ample boobs Palash thought nice, then Tina’s panties were ripped off leaving Tina naked and giving Palash a view of her love tube which one of the boys started to rub while the other two rubbed and sucked her boobs, Tina was forced onto the floor and held by two of the boys while the third freed his solid dick from his joggers Palash looked at the six inch erect white dick and smiled even more and was soon watching the white bum bouncing up and down and thought yeah go on fuck the bitch and after a few minutes watched as the boy was squirting his cum over Tina’s body, Palash watched as the other two boys took turns on Tina each of them squirting his cum over Tina’s body, as they left the boys took Tina’s gown panties and bra with them, Palash walked away continuing his paper round as he got to the flat where Tina lived           through the window he saw Tina’s sister Amy who was two years younger than what he was standing in the kitchen naked, he smiled as he looked at her developing boobs and smooth love tube and as she turned and walked out of the room he saw her nice cute bum, Palash finished delivering papers in the block and on his way along the first floor landing he looked over and saw Tina being pounded by his cousin who was sixteen while his cousin who was his age pushed his dick in and out of Tina’s mouth, Palash saw four Bengali boys who he knew was sixteen approaching where Tina was and watched them all pull their solid erections out and after awhile had watched all four boys pound into Tina before squirting their cum over their body, Palash finished his paper round and got nagged by his sister for taking so long. That night as Palash delivered the evening papers Amy opened the door told Palash her parents were at the hospital visiting Tina and could he help change a light bulb for her, Palash went in and in the lounge Amy said ” I got told you were looking through the kitchen window this morning” Palash did not say anything them Amy added “that means you must have saw me naked” Palash again did not say anything but noticed pokies in Amy’s tee shirt, and when Amy said ” do you want to fuck me you can if you want” Palash could not believe what he had heard and when Amy removed her tee shirt and stood topless with her nipples pointing out then started to undo her jeans saying come on get naked and fuck me, Palash started to undress and by the time he was naked Amy was laying on the floor with her legs apart which Palash was soon kneeling between and after a minute Palash was sliding his six inch dick into Amy’s love tube, Palash started to thrust in and out hearing her groan as he did, after five minutes Palash felt Amy cum and not long after was squirting his cum over her stomach, just as Palash was leaving Amy’s flat she said to him ”  my mate July wants you to fuck her as well. As Palash retuned to the shop after completing his paper round he thought now I know why I like delivering papers the following morning Palash was stood looking at a naked July just inside her door and when she  said ” don’t just stand there I am getting cold and need fucking” he quickly went inside the flat.