The Prison

Tina was sitting in the waiting room of the Russian prison, where her boyfriend Simon was being held after being involved in a fight in which a very elderly lady had been hurt, Tina was sixteen years old the same age as her soon to be ex boyfriend. Tina was very annoyed that an old lady had been hurt and had been to see her in hospital and apologised to her. Tina was now going to see Simon to tell him what she thought of him and to tell him that they were finished, Tina looked at her two sisters Amy and July then at Simon’s sister Sandy who was twelve years of age. The guard called Tina forward and showed her a list of rules Tina noticed one said that you may touch any prisoners, Tina signed the form and was shown through to the basement cell area when she got there Tina got a big shock and saw all the prisoners were in cells chained to the wall and were naked, Tina found Simon and looked at his naked body, then said to him Amy and July are outside I will get the guard to bring them up they will love to see you, Simon said ” fuck off Amy is my sisters age and July a couple of years younger” Tina smiled and said ” yeah I know and I bet that they will love seeing your cock ” Simon said your joking Tina went and spoke with the guard then returned to Simon and told him that Amy and July were on their way, Simon said ” tell me your joking’ Tina looked towards the door and saw her two sisters and waved at them, the girls walked towards Tina looking in each cell as they walked, when they got to Tina they were both wide eyed, Amy said ” wow fucking hell I never seen so many naked boys before, Tina pointed at Simon, Amy looked and said ” oh fucking hell it is Simon” Tina said ” now you can tell everyone you have seen him naked and seen his cock” Amy said ” it is big” Tina told her it is seven inches and it gets to nine inches when he has hard on” Amy asked if they would see it hard, and Tina told them they would then reached in between the bars of the cell door and held Simon’s dick and stroked it and soon felt it stiffen, Tina let go of Simon’s dick, both Amy and July said” wow” when they saw Simon’s erection, Tina saw Simon was red in the face, Tina looked at Simon smiled then said to Amy ” go on you play with it ” Amy reached through the bars held Simon’s dick and slowly started to stroke it, July and Tina sat watching, after a few minutes Simon said ” for fuck sake stop” Tina told Amy to carry on, Amy did and felt Simon’s dick throb then saw five spurts of cum shoot out, after a few minutes Tina told her two sisters to and wait out side,  Both July and Amy went having a good look in each of the cells as they walked along between the cells. After both of the girls were gone Tina looked at Simon and said to him ” I saw the old lady who got hurt, you should be ashamed of yourself your an animal, and you have just been wanked off by a little girl and you squirted five long spurts of spunk most I have seen you do, she then told him that they were finished and said ” don’t worry I will still come and see you tomorrow I am sure July will like to play with your cock and just so that things are kept even I will even bring my brother who I am sure will be glad to see you and will also be willing to give you a hand with any matters that crop up’ Simon looked at Tina and said ” keep that queer bastard away from me” Tina smiled at him and said I have a few friends who would love to see you and give you a helping hand with matters that crop up”