The Private Hospital

The kings and queens was a private hospital that had been open for a year, it was well known that it was very expensive to have treatment at the hospital and only the very rich could afford to stay there, patients did not stay on wards each one of them had a private room with a bathroom attached, there was one floor that catered for national health service patients but only used  when there was a bed shortage in the national health service and after a big riot the floor was in use. Sixteen year old Tina was walking down the road to the hospital where she worked as a volunteer, Tina was a girl who when out got a lot of  looks from the male population many of who wished they could get Tina into bed, Tina wore tight fitting clothes that hugged her body showing off the curves , many a boy and man had tried to get Tina into bed but none had ever been lucky enough to do so, many people said she was frigid others suggested she was a lesbian but girls who had tried to bed her had not been able to do so. Tina arrived at the hospital and went to the volunteers station and started to change into her uniform, the entry door to the volunteers station was still ajar and as he passed sixteen year old Abdul got a pleasant shock he saw Tina as she lifted her tee shirt over her head she was not wearing a bra and he could see her firm white boobs and thought nice, Abdul watched in disbelieve as Tina slid her jeans down and off and stood up, Abdul could hardly believe his eyes as he looked at the naked white girl and admired her body loving the site of her love tube and firm boobs, when Tina put her overall style gown on and started to button it up Abdul moved away and returned to his room where after a hour Tina walked in, Abdul looked at her knowing she was naked under her uniform,Abdul said to her ” you must be hot in that why don’t you unbutton it, Tina said is that what you want me to”  Abdul told her yes and was surprised when Tina unbuttoned her uniform saying we are here to please, for the second time that day Abdul was looking at Tina’s naked boobs and love tube,Tina was stood a foot from his bed Abdul reached out and slid his hand between Tia’s legs and rubbed her love tube, Tina stood there while he did so, Abdul stopped rubbing and said ” go in the bathroom” Tina did with Abdul behind her once inside the bathroom Abdul started to lick and suck Tina’s boobs while rubbing her love tube after a few minutes he stopped and pulled his seven inch erection out saying I want to fuck you, Tina said ” no otherwise I will be no good to your mates” she then knelt down and started to suck his dick and when he squirted his cum Tina swallowed it all then stood up buttoned her uniform up and left, outside Tina saw her best friend Sara and noticed her pokies, Sara smiled and said ” room eight sucked my tits well” Tina smiled and went to room eight where she saw Abdul’s brother who was four years younger than her after a few minutes he was sucking Tina’s boobs a hour later the only nurse on the ward went for a break leaving Sara and Tina on their own, Tina stood keeping watch on the entry door while Sara walked naked down the corridor calling in each room as she went, she then watched at the door as Tina did the same, four hours later after they had finished their shift both Tina and Sara were at the top of the emergency exit stairs both were naked with two different Bengali  boys thrusting in and out of their love tubes, two hours later the girls were walking home when a couple of boys wolf whistled them and one shouted ” come suck our cocks” in a quiet voice Sara said ” no your white boys we only like brown skinned boys” both girls laughed and walked on looking forward to their next shift at the hospital where they hoped that there would be plenty of brown hard dick for them to deal with.