The Snow

The school stood a couple of miles outside of the small town and had once been a hospital, but the school in the town was destroyed in a very bad fire the hospital that had been empty for just over a year was converted into a school which was cheaper to do than build a new school, there was a bus that took the students to and from the school each day. Martin was a sixteen year old student at the school who had no friends at the school and was hated in the town all on account of him being a flasher, quite often other students would not let him on the school bus which meant that he had to walk home or to school and today was one of those days when he was walking home, as he left the school he saw Sara who was two years younger than what he was and the sister of the school bully and like her brother was very mouthy and bad mouthed anybody, Sara had missed the bus and was also walking home and was a few yards behind Martin. The snow started to fall not long after the pair had left the school and after twenty minutes it had become a blizzard. As he approached the derelict farm Martin decided to go and shelter in the old farm house and was soon inside the farm house which despite the length of time it had been empty was still in good condition, Martin heard a noise behind him turned and saw Sara who said ” weather is to bad to go any further” Martin said ” I will light a fire” and after collecting bits of wood lit a fire and sat warming himself in front of it, after half a hour Sara said to Martin ” are you ok” Martin just nodded his head then Sara said ” it is just me and you here and you have not got your cock out” Martin smiled Sara then said ” you can get it out if you want I don’t mind and wont tell anybody” Martin just looked at her, Sara said go on get it out, Martin stood and lowered the zip on his trousers then hesitated but when Sara said ” go on get the fucking thing out” Martin undid his trousers completely and pulled his seven inch dick out, Sara smiled and said ” cool now I can see it properly” Martin’s dick grew to a full nine inch erection as he stood with Sara staring at his dick Martin noticed the pokies in Sara’s blouse, and when Sara reached up and grabbed hold of his dick and started to jerk it Martin thought he was dreaming, after a minute Sara stopped jerking Martin and started to undo her blouse and when it was open pulled the front apart, Martin looked at her  and smiled and when she unclipped her bra Martin could not believe what he was seeing but looked at Sara’s nice firm well developed boobs and erect nipples thinking this is a dream, Sara said ” you don’t tell anyone anything” then unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor and after stepping out of it took her panties off Martin stared straight at her love tube thinking nice, Sara said ” there is a bed upstairs come up there and you can fuck me” and left the room, Martin waited then went upstairs and saw Sara laying naked on a bed legs parted, Martin quickly stripped and climbed on the bed and between Sara’s legs and after massaging her boobs for a couple of minutes bent forward and slid his throbbing erection into Sara’s tight moist love tube and started to slowly thrust in and out gathering speed as he did, Martin soon heard Sara groaning and after a few minutes felt her cum but continued to thrust in and out of her love tube and soon felt Sara cum a second time and shortly after he pulled his dick from her love tube and squirted his cum over her body then lay down beside her. After a few minutes Martin got up off the bed and went down stairs he saw that a blizzard was still blowing hard and the snow was deep, Martin got more bits of wood and stoked the fire up after half a hour a still naked Sara came down from upstairs and sat on the floor beside Martin and said to him ” you got a big cock and use it well” Martin smiled and said pity there is not any food” when Sara told him there was he asked where  Sara pushed him onto his back and said ” right here” bent forward took Martin’s soft dick into her mouth and started to suck it and with in a very short time Martin had a full erection again and was enjoying the blow job and after a few minutes squirted his cum into Sara’s mouth which Sara swallowed, after five minutes Sara got up and left the room when she returned she had packets of biscuits and bottles of drinks and a blanket and told Martin that sometimes some friends and her stayed there at the farm and then added come on and walked up stairs, Martin gathered there clothes and followed her. Up stairs Sara said the snow is to deep to drive through or to walk in so we will have to stay here, Sara sent a text then after getting a reply told Martin that she had told her mum that she was in the old farmhouse cut off by the storm but had a sex maniac with her then added mum has replied Ha Ha have fun, Martin smiled Sara said ” must do as mum says” and pushed Martin onto the bed and covered them both with the blanket, Martin woke in the morning to the sensation of Sara sucking his dick. It was three days before the pair could get back into town, Martin lay in a bath of hot water only just believing that Sara had let him service her in all three holes but could not remember how many times he had done so, Sara was laying thinking he might be a dirty old pervert but he is bloody good I am glad that I had the Viagra to spike the drink with. A couple of weeks after the snow had gone Martin was at he old farm where he saw sixteen year old Mandy stood with her hoodie open showing off her naked boobs and when a naked Sara appeared saying ” can you manage two at the same time” Martin thought there is only one way  to find out and walked to the girls undoing his trousers as he went and freeing his erection as he did.