The Village – Part One

Martin was sixteen years of age and was walking through the small country village where he and his parents had moved to, the removal van was still outside the cottage they had moved into. Martin was heading to the shop to get some milk, Martin walked into the shop and was greeted by the girl behind the counter who told him her name was Tina and that her parents owned the shop, before Martin could introduce himself Tina said ” I know that your Martin and that your sixteen the same age as me” she then said ” this is only a small village everybody knows everything that happens and sometimes before it happens we even know which fly sits on the windows” Martin looked at Tina who said ” we know all about you and you will fit in well round here, Martin asked for milk and when Tina bent forward to get it out of the fridge Martin saw straight down the top of her baggy jumper and had a good view of her boobs and saw her nipples were erect. Martin paid for the milk and headed back to the cottage thinking what a beautiful sight her tits make but I wonder how much they know about me, Martin was a flasher and had been hated in the previous town they had just moved from, back at the cottage Martin saw the family who were living next door to them in the cottage talking to his parents, the neighbours introduce them selves as sixteen year old Colin, twelve year old Kim and there parents, Kim said that it was her last day in the village she was going to live with her uncle and aunt up north of the country, Colin invited Martin to a party at the shop the following night, After the neighbours had gone Martin had his tea and went to bed early as he was exhausted after a long day, the next day Martin went to the party at the shop, as he went in Tina greeted him saying to him ” hope you enjoyed looking at my tits yesterday and just in case you never saw them” lifted her jumper giving Martin a good view of her naked boobs, Tina said we know you flashed at your previous town which is why you will fit in well, Tina said “ah here is my sister Amy she is in the same class at school as what your neighbour  Kim was” Martin turned and saw Amy and looked in surprise at her she was stood naked her developing boobs showing Martin looked at her smooth hairless love tube smiled and said ” hello” Tina said ” here is my best mate Karen” Martin saw a girl of about his age who was also naked then Colin appeared he was also naked with a nine inch erection, Amy shouted at him ” no getting your spunk on the carpets or mum will throttle you” Colin took Martin into the main room where the party was being held and saw every body was naked all the boys and men had full erections and the girls and women had erect nipples, he saw Tina walk into the room she was also fully naked her love tube had a  few hairs round it, Tina said to him come on I will show you where to leave your clothes if you want to, Martin followed Tina admiring her cute bum as he went, he saw Amy laying on the floor moaning as Colin thrust in and out of her love tube, Tina said ” not in the hall go into a room” then took Martin in a room saying to him you can strip off in her your clothes will be safe and watched as Martin undressed, when Tina saw his very thick eight inch hairy erection she said ” wow a very nice looking cock but can you use it” and lay on a bed and parted her legs, as Martin walked towards her he thought this is some village I am going to love living here.