Trading Underground – Part 1

The small grocery shop towards the edge of town was owned by a Bengali family and had been owned by the family for many years, the owner had earned the nickname boss because he kept telling everybody he was the boss, right next door to the grocery shop was a derelict factory very few people knew who owned the place or what was going to happen to it, unbeknown to the residents of the town boss owned the factory and his shop was the main point of entry via a secret tunnel between the shop and the factory, under the factory was a large illegal drug producing set up which was run by a Bengali mafia. Martin and Steve were two sixteen year old thugs who worked in the factory along with Steve’s sixteen year old girlfriend Tina, the trio delivered the drugs to various places throughout the country. In the packing area where the drugs were hidden in various objects before being delivered to suppliers, the majority of the workers were illegal immigrants who like anybody else doing packing worked naked to stop traces of drugs going out on their clothes. Martin and Steve had just set off on one of their deliveries, Tina was in the grocery shop with her ten year old sister Sally who was in a bad mood, Tina told her to go home and after she had left went into the back of the shop and into the tunnel where Palash the grandson of boss was waiting, Palash looked at Tina who was two years older than he was and smiled and asked Tina if she was thirsty then followed her into a little room where his cousin who was two years older than Sally was waiting, Palash undid his jeans letting his five inch erection spring out, Tina sat in a chair and Palash stood right in front of her and said ” drink” Tina bent her head forward and took Palash’s dick into her mouth and started to suck it as she was sucking Tina felt the hands slide up the inside of her tee shirt and start to rub her naked boobs, after a couple of minutes Tina swallowed when Palash squirted his cum into her mouth, Palash stood back as he did Tina’s tee shirt was raised over her head freeing her ample boobs which was soon being sucked, Tina sat there with her tee shirt over her face thinking despite his age Palash’s cousin is good at sucking tits, Tina then heard Palash and his cousin both say ” see you” and realising that it was not Palash’s cousin sucking her boobs pulled her tee shirt down to find that it was sixteen year old Pao who was the daughter of boss and a well known lesbian, Pao stood back and said ” I knew I would get those lovely tits one day” Tina said ” right bitch I am going to teach you a lesson you wont forget” Pao got slightly scared and when Tina pushed her in to a chair felt very nervous, Tina looked at her and said ” so you want to suck a white girls tits with out permission do you” Pao said ” sorry” Tina said “you will be” grabbed Pao’s joggers and pulled them right down and off then pulled her tee shirt up over her head and off leaving Pao naked, then to Pao’s surprise Tina knelt and started to lick her nipples rubbing her love tube at the same time, after a minute Tina stood went and locked the door then took her tee shirt off sat astride Pao’s legs and pushed a boob into her mouth saying ” suck it bitch” Pao did not need a second invite and started sucking as she did she fumbled with the fastening of Tina’s jeans and soon had it open and her zip down , then after pushing Tina onto the floor Pao pulled her jeans right down and off and inserted two fingers into her love tube finding it moist after awhile Tina was groaning as Pao fingered her, Pao stopped fingering and pulled her fingers out from Tina’s love tube, after a few seconds Pao was laying on her back with Tina pushing her tongue into her moist love tube and gentle squeezing her nipples at the same time, Pao lay moaning in very deep pleasure as the white girl played with her body and after five minutes gushed, Tina stood up and said ” you ever get hold of my tits again and I will punish you the same way bitch” Pao smiled noticing the naked Tina’s very erect nipples and watched her as she dressed, when Tina left the room Pao thought the boys are going to be very happy tonight, after dressing Pao went up to the shop where she saw two of her class mates and said to them ” she plays very well” both girls smiled as they did Pao noticed the pokies appear in their tee shirts and when they went into the back of the shop Pao thought it will not just be our boys having fun tonight the girls will as well poor Tina is going to be well exhausted and Steve and Martin are away for a week. In the factory Palash and his cousin were both sucking a naked Tina’s boobs as boss thrust in and out of her love tube. Steve and Martin had stopped for the night and checked into a motel, neither of the boys could understand why boss had sent the twelve year old Bengali boy with them they knew he was unable to speak and went by the name P. Neither boy realised that P was in fact a tomboy and her name was Pia many people thought she was a boy but that did not bother her as she got to see plenty of naked boys and was now admiring a naked Martin who was in the shower with the door open she had seen his six inch dick twitch a couple of times and knew he would probably get an erection and after five minutes Pia grinned as Martin developed an eight inch erection and thought cool as he started to jerk it and when he squirted his cum in four spurts Pia thought very nice, Pia had been so engrossed with watching Martin that she had not notice Steve had stripped to his under pants and when Martin left the shower Steve went in and soon Pia was looking at his seven inch hairy dick and when it grew to a nine inch erection and he started to jerk it Pia thought this is very cool and when Steve squirted his cum in five spurts Pia thought wow that is the most I have ever seen, Later when the boys were asleep Pia went out for a walk and making sure she was not being watched phoned  her best mate and said” I just watched both of the white thug boys naked in shower wank off and shoot spunk” her mate replied saying ” if they knew you were a girl and could speak they would go mad and your a lucky bitch.