I’m a self admitted pervert and pedophile. Just last week I dropped my son off at summer camp and I noticed a young teen girl I know from our church. I approached her and asked if I could help her, she looked lost. “My dad is supposed to pick me up but he is late … Continue reading Pervert

New Girl

Cindy was a sixteen year old girl who had just moved into a new house on the out skirts of a small country town, many boys in the town thought that she was very cute with a few having masturbated thinking about her, some of the girls in the town were very jealous of the … Continue reading New Girl

Good Film

It was packed in the dirty small back street porn cinema and a very fed up sixteen year old Sara was working in the projection room, her dad owned the cinema and because the guy who normally worked in the projection room he had told Sara that she was to take his place, he told … Continue reading Good Film