Natalie: Old Lady sex

I went to eat free lunch at the local Catholic Church that serves a free lunch. I go most everyday. This church is located in the heart of the barrio. This area has fond memories to me. I had lots of sexual pleasure in some of these homes and motel rooms and fields over the last couple decades. I fucked prostitutes over the years as well as sexual conquests of women. A beautiful time of life for me and a small fortune I spent on sex but it was worth every penny.

I was eating my free lunch of a sandwich and a piece of cake and water to drink. She then came inside and was getting her lunch and I indicated she could sit at the empty chair across from me. Introduce myself and she told me her name was Natalie. She looked thin, short white hair, frail and in her sixties. We made conversation as we ate lunch. I asked her if she needed a ride and she said yes.

We left the church in my car and I kissed her lips inside my car before we drove off and she allowed it without getting mad. We kissed again at a few stop signs. I was taking her to the Clubhouse at the behavior health place. For the heck of it I asked her for sex. Surprisingly she said sure and we were looking for a field to do it in the backseat of my car but I suggested we go back to my place for privacy and to have proper sex in my bed. We kept kissing at stop signs and she said it’s been a while since her last intercourse and she felt like a teenager anticipating intercourse. We finally got to my home and I put the dog away and brought Natalie into my room and closed and locked the door.

I immediately undressed and then she removed her clothing as I slithered into my bed and started kissing her arms and I helped her take her panties off. She was almost naked but kept her socks on and I was completely naked. We held each other and I planted kisses on her arms, back and face and guided her hand on my cock which was starting to get hard and come to life. She was playing with my weenie and we were ready for intercourse as I suckled her left breast. She had a lovely body for being sixty one years old. Nice firm small breasts and a nice somewhat hairy vagina which I wanted very bad.

I positioned myself at a forty five degree angle and thrusted my peter inside her vagina and she guided it inside and it felt dry but a pushed in and out and it got wetter and I thrusted harder and harder moaning and she held onto my back and then I ejaculated inside her as she orgasmed and then it was over. We lay in my bed naked and I was hoping to fuck her again but she got dressed and my dick went limp so I got dressed and I got my dog situated and Natalie and I got back into my car and kissed on the lips and drove towards the clubhouse.

I ended up stopping at a gas station and gave her a dollar for a cigarette. She went inside the store and a flare of anger hit me and I drove away leaving her at the gas station but served her right for not wanting to fuck again. I sometimes see her at the clubhouse but we haven’t had sex since that one time.