Behind every successful man is a woman isn’t that what they say. Susan had grown up with very little but had met John when they where 18 and had fallen in love with him. They married at 20 and soon he got job in a big enterprise. He worked hard even long hours, but Susan … Continue reading Promotion


Pleased by wife

Patty and I have been married for twenty five years. We are in our late fifties. At first, sex was great. Two sometimes three times a day. After a while it slowed down. We introduced vibrators and dildos. Patty was reluctant at first but, after some clitoral orgasms she was open to other toys. The … Continue reading Pleased by wife


” Can I get you something ? ” Mrs Emmet ” Water, a glass of water. ” She said standing over her husbands casket. He lay there peaceful in his fresh business suit. All ready for the funeral the next day. Brian returned with a glass of water handing it to Patrica. ” Thank you. … Continue reading Undertaker