Carol 2

We have been home 3 weeks now from our holiday in The Gambia and my wife Carol, I know is very worried about having Musa’s black baby because she has not yet told her mother. My wife and her mother are very close and tell each other everything, I think the shock of telling her about Musa, and what her father will say when he finds out she is going to give him a black grandchild is too much for her yet. In a few months she will have no choice as the baby bump starts to grow.
After we got home and the pregnancy test was positive, I started to have some wild thought’s of what I wanted to do with her, I just had to give her to someone for sex, I had wanted to give her to some old homeless Paki’s who live in garages down an alley in a rundown part of town. They are quite dirty, some fat and all smell. I have not yet told her that I want to take her there and let them all have sex and cum inside her,
Our girls stay with their grandparents on Saturday nights so that we can go out if we wish, on Friday night in bed with my wife I told her I wanted to take her out and have some fun while the kids were away. She asked what kind of fun I had in mind, I told her she would have to wait and see, but to put on a nice dress and all her make up for a night to remember.
The grandparents picked up the girls in the afternoon and my wife went off to have a long soak in the bath. When I went up my wife had put on a short black dress, low cut at the front with two thin strap’s over her shoulders, she was not wearing a bra which left her nipples just showing if you looked closely. She sat at her dresser to put on makeup and when finished she looked like a model.
After I had dressed it was around 8.00Pm and we headed out, my wife asked where are we going, I told her to wait and see. On the way to town we called in a pub for some drinks, my wife had her favourite vodka+cranberry while I only had orange juice as I was driving. After having three drinks we headed into town, when I turned off into the older part of town my wife asked where are we going, I told her we would be there soon. As we pulled up to the alley an old man was standing by the wall, my wife looked at him and then at me, I could see fear in her eyes when I also looked at the old man and then back at her. She looked again and then said I can’t not with him, I told her that down the alley there was 3 dirty old Paki’s and I wanted her to go in and let them fuck her bareback, she started to shake with fear and said she didn’t want to, but I got out of the car and went around to her door and opened it for her. She sat still for a moment before slowly getting out, she took hold of my arm and held it, I knew then that she was going to fuck the old Paki’s, tonight she was going to a Paki gangbang and they would cum inside her.
We slowly walked down the alley to an open garage door, inside I could see some old bedding on the floor and 2 old men the smell was really bad. The men looked at my wife with lust in their eyes and I knew she would be fucked by them tonight. We moved into the garage and I pushed my wife forward to them, an old man got up and came to us, he asked what we wanted and I told my wife to tell him what she wanted, I could feel her shaking as she told him that she wanted them to fuck her and cum in her as many times as they liked.
I let go off her and pushed her too the old man, he looked at me and I nodded for him to go ahead. He took my wife over to where he had been laying and pull her down with him, my wife lay on her back the old man looked at her as he put his hand up her dress and pulled her panties off, I could see she was breathing in short gasp’s. The old man then started to take his cloth’s off and you could see he was a dark brown and he was also very hard and ready to fuck her, he pulled her dress up and got on top of her, my wife opened her legs and raised her knee’s ready to take him inside her. He put his hands under her shoulders and then pushed forward his brown cock sliding smoothly into my wife, she closed her eyes as he began to fuck her with long slow deep strokes, the smell was bad but the other man started to undress ready for his turn with my wife. News had gone around as other Paki men started to appear for a go with this white woman, I started to get a little worried when I counted 5 men I wondered if she could take so many men inside her one after another.
The first man was now moving quickly you could hear my wife was very wet as he pumped away at her, he pushed in hard and stayed still before letting out a deep grunt as he shot his Paki sperm deep into my wife, her eyes opened and she starred at me for a moment, seeing the other men she closed them again ready for the fucking she knew she was going to get.
It took just over 3 hours for the men to fuck her 6 in total, all of them cumming insider her, between her legs was a pool of thick white sperm, these men had not fucked a woman in a long time. My wife just lay there for about 10 mins, I then helped her get up, she was a little unsteady, her legs had been spread open for all that time, she was ok when we got back to our car and headed home.
We got home and I helped her inside, the back of her dress was covered in cum that had leaked out on the way home. I took her to our bathroom and ran her a hot bath to get the smell of the old men off her, their cum inside her would come out when it was ready, and I was going to add mine to it when she had washed the smell away. After her bath she came and lay on the bed, I could see her smooth pussy was swollen and red from the pounding the Paki’s had given her. There was still cum just inside her, she turned and said she wanted me to make love to her, not just fuck her like those men had. I moved on top of her and moved forward my cock just slipped in with no feeling she was so loose from all those men fucking and cumming in her, but I was so turned on I just moved slowly in her until I to added my cum to theirs. We then slipped off to sleep.
In the morning we got up, on my wife’s side was a large puddle of sperm that had come out as she slept. She wanted to talk about last night, I thought she was angry but was very surprised when she told me she loved me and even if she was afraid she knew I would not let her be hurt. I look forward to more fun nights out with her.